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Standard Pre-computed attributes list

The Pre-computed attributes are indicators you can use as conditions in Custom Audience Filters, in your content personalization, in your Business Intelligence tool, and some are useful for Splio dashboards. They are based on the data imported into Splio. They are also called aggregates.

Standard pre-computed attributes



Example of use case(s)

Share of discounted orders

Percentage of orders made with at least one product with a discount

Easily identify contacts who are interested solely in discounted items

Tag - Engaged Contact

True if the number of clicks over N months >= X (X to be defined during setup)

Enhance deliverability and engagement KPIs by sending campaigns only to engaged contacts

RFM segmentation

Current status on the RFM Segmentation. To know more, here is a dedicated article about RFM Segmentation.

Customize campaign content for different segments (Ex: VIP)

Previous RFM Segmentation

Automatically trigger scenarios based on RFM segment changes to address inactive clients

RFM update date

Average basket

Total spent/number of orders. This attributes is also available online/offline and over the last 12 months On-Demand.

Tailor content based on each contact's average basket size to highlight items aligned with their purchasing behavior

Date of first order


Date of last order


Date of last online order


Date of last offline order


List of categories

List of distinct product categories with at least one order (30 categories maximum) - shoes, pants...

Last Purchase date in a Specific Category

Last purchase date on a specific product category (defined during set-up)

Preferred shopping day

The day of the week with the most purchases. If equality between two days, the most recent is chosen - Monday, Tuesday...

Drive in-store traffic by reaching out to individuals on their preferred shopping day

Preferred shopping month

The month with the most purchases - January, February...

Send a new campaign featuring a selection of new arrivals or monthly specials to customers whose preferred shopping month is now

Channel of first order

First channel used to order - Web or Store

Customize the post-first-purchase journey. Ex: Survey on in-store experience, Message encouraging cross-channel engagement

Store last order

Last channel used to order - Web or Store - Web if 2 purchases the same day

Vendor last order

Tag - High Spending Potential

True if purchase of at least one item at X€ or more (X to be defined during the setup)

Customize content to promote higher-priced products

Tag - Web customer

True if at least 1 web order

Tag - Shop customer

True if at least 1 order in store

Tag - Mixed customer

True if Web customer AND Store customer

Preferred Channel

Web or Store. If 50/50, the most recent store.

Personalize a template with a banner showcasing the benefits of the preferred channel: Free shipping for orders over X for the web, Click and Collect for stores

Preferred store

Store where the customer bought most often during the last 12 months. If 50/50, the most recent store

Personalize templates with information related to the preferred store: Addresses / Opening Hours

Top 1 Preferred product category

Create multiple versions of your full-base campaigns based on the preferred categories of each contact

Top 2 Preferred product category

Top 3 Preferred product category

Tag - Mono Category

Cross-sell scenarios

Channel of last order

Post-purchase scenario per channel to enhance cross-channel engagement (Web or Store Benefits)